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Toll Roads Inspire Thoughts of Charity

January 13, 2002

Re "Tollway Drivers Hit With Fee Hike," Dec. 14:

It's time the toll roads incorporate value pricing. When I switched from paying cash to using a transponder some time ago, I was surprised that transponder users received no added benefit other than saving a minute of two at the toll booth. The Transportation Corridor Agencies incurs additional costs staffing the cash booths and counting the money. The overhead for the transponder's automatic withdrawal of money is obviously less costly. Why shouldn't transponder users get a break?

Lewis Elia

San Clemente


I was under the assumption that my tax dollars funded the Orange County Transportation Authority and that it has a mission to improve transportation throughout the county. I fail to see how the purchase of the 91 Express Lanes will accomplish this. When I drive the Riverside Freeway in the morning, I never even thought of spending my money to improve this wonderful drive. However, a lot of folks from outside our county would love to have OCTA spend our money to help them get into Orange County. I believe in charity, but this wonderful gesture would serve only to clog our freeways even more.

Wait a minute. Now I see. OCTA will have a job forever fighting the gridlock in Orange County should the capacity of the Riverside Freeway be increased. Silly me. I just thought we were being nice to the neighbors because we had a lot of extra cash.

John Keith

Laguna Beach

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