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Indian Cave Paintings Should Be Preserved

January 13, 2002

Re "Irvine Co., Indians Divided by a Wall Carving," Jan. 3:

There does not seem to be much objection from the Indians about the bulldozing of cave paintings while the Irvine Co. seems intent on going ahead.

In the Jewish Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem, the modern dwellings have been built on ancient archeological sites. The dwellings are built on pillions, sort of like parking garages. Nothing has been sacrificed by either the archeologists or the developers and homeowners.

Obviously, no one in the controversy values the Indian cave paintings enough to take such steps.

J. Gregory Keen

Lake Forest


It is outrageous that the Irvine Co. wants to bulldoze ancient wall carvings. Preserving sites such as these is the least we could do to show respect to the Native Americans. Not only is such destruction unethical, ignorant and barbaric, it is also completely unnecessary. There is no reason that houses cannot be built around the archeological sites. The best architecture takes into account the natural beauty and history of an area instead of scraping every trace of it away. California's history must not be sacrificed for the convenience of the Irvine Co.

David Bendall

Aliso Viejo

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