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Voters Will Get Revenge by Passing Measure W

January 13, 2002

In the recent story regarding the Measure F court decision, Barbara Lichman, executive director of the Airport Working Group, says, "This win changes things greatly."

Lichman is right. The decision reminds nearly 70% of Orange County voters that their county government doesn't give a whit about what they want and caters only to Newport Beach. Their revenge will be passing Measure W by an even larger margin.

Mike Kenealy

Aliso Viejo


Measure F, the anti-airport initiative, has been laid to rest. The state appeals court in San Diego confirmed it was indeed an "unworkable and excessive exercise of the initiative power."

Measure W, the new anti-airport initiative that is trying to sell voters on a big park, is just as deceptive. Hopefully, this time voters will recognize it as a "bait-and-switch" scheme.

Anti-airport activists sent us dozens of glossy brochures with pictures and promises of a beautiful park complete with museums, sports facilities, etc. They said it wouldn't cost taxpayers a dime. Common sense told me something was wrong with that picture.

Our ballot information will state the park should not cost taxpayers much money. For those projects that will make it a real park, taxpayers will certainly end up paying, probably billions of dollars. Measure W stands for "Won't Work." It is important that voters not be fooled this time.

Lori Alexander



Re "State Sets Aside $200,000 So Irvine Can Lay Groundwork for Great Park," Jan. 6:

What wonderful news. It seems the only opposition to Measure W comes from George Argyros' camp of consultants. David Ellis has had the nerve to complain that this is using taxpayer dollars to fund a Great Park. What planet does he think will finance his airport? The Airport Working Group boasts that it will have access to FAA grants for an airport. Is this not taxpayer dollars under a different moniker?

It doesn't take a degree in math to total taxpayer moneys the county has already spent for an airport. What was that tally before a court order mandated them to stop spending? $50 million? Measure W has my vote March 5.

Mary Schwartz

Santa Ana


With the growing debate on whether the El Toro property should be an airport or a park, I think we need to rely on what we know for sure.

An airport will bring in money and a park will cost money. The bigger the park, the more money it costs to build and maintain. Airports are known as economy boosters. The airport will create far more jobs than a park.

The recession is a reminder that our quality of life is dependent upon a good economy.

Tiffany Young



Re "El Toro Debate Focuses on Contamination Levels," Letters, Jan. 6:

With regards to Donald Nyres' letter, I am hoping that Orange County citizens make the right choice in the upcoming election. That is, to stop wasting money on an unwanted and unneeded airport at El Toro. Most people in Orange County deserve to have a real voice in its redevelopment. To equate these concerns to an act of "bigotry" toward others that are suffering the negative effects of the very thing that many of us feel is unnecessary is truly amazing to me. Does that mean that airport supporters have come down to this: Playing the "race card"?

Please, Mr. Nyre, your concerns would seem much more real if you went to those neighborhoods and protested the expansion of the facilities that "unduly" affect them.

Tom Buick

Mission Viejo

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