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Education Bill Should Focus on Work Ethic

January 13, 2002

Interesting juxtaposition on Jan. 9 of Dave Thomas' obituary and George W. Bush's signing of a $26-billion education bill. Thomas built an $8-billion-a-year fast-food franchise without having graduated from high school, let alone college.

Perhaps it's because he escaped the full impact of government schools, which ignore the three Rs in favor of frivolities like self-esteem, DARE programs and recycling. Thomas simply created his own "after-school program"--he got a job and worked his way to the top, raising our standard of living, in the process, by giving us another choice of affordable fast food.

Meanwhile, Bush should give the $26 billion back to the taxpayers it was stolen from so we can afford to support more young entrepreneurs who create the products and services we want to buy, instead of reducing our standard of living by funding more parasitic government employees.

Don Hull

Costa Mesa


I found it utterly ironic that, after extolling the virtues of his education reform bill, President Bush said he wasn't actually going to read it.

Eleanor Lynch

Studio City

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