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Pretzel Incident: Twisted or Just Mind-Boggling?

January 18, 2002

Like President Bush, I almost fell to the floor (in laughter) as I read your hilarious report ("World Press Tries to Unknot Tale of Bush and the Pretzel," Jan. 16).

With an official account as loopy, nay, twisted (forgive the puns) as this, one wonders what the real story (the one they're covering up--wink, wink) might be. As an avid "West Wing" watcher, I must admit that relapsing, remitting multiple sclerosis crossed my mind. Thanks for the comic relief.

Diane Krieger



Questions: Who would watch a football game after what happened to Enron?

Who would watch a football game and just eat pretzels?

Who would eat pretzels without drinking beer?

Who would watch a football game without eating pretzels and drinking beer?

So, was it too much Enron, too much football game, too many pretzels, too much beer or just a plain old happenstance?

Wow, this has got to be one of those Dubya-type "sub-lim-in-a-bubble" mind-boggling events, right?

Ben Tuso



Was it really a pretzel? I think I'd choke, too, if I were George W. facing ties to Enron, seeing the country sink into deficit and backing tax cuts for the wealthy. Please don't blame a pretzel, Mr. President-select.

Jean Holt Koch

Los Angeles


Word has it that the Taliban will send an envoy to the White House with pretzels hidden in his shoes.

Lester Kushner

Valley Village

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