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Clinton Speech Gives Hope, Raises Questions

January 19, 2002

Re "Clinton Says U.S. Must Give More to End Terrorism," Jan. 15: To put a terse article on Page B4 when an eight-year duly elected president of the United States (POTUS long before pretzels became popular) speaks to a sold-out (6,000 people) group of admirers and constituents (not just Jews, although the University of Judaism had the moxie and intelligence to bring him to us) is to me (an old Episcopalian lady Democrat) unconscionable of The Times!

Yes, 6,000 of us jumped to our feet at the sight of him--applauded, whistled, yelled, and this old lady shed tears to boot. For the first time in a year, I felt a calm joy and optimism in my heart. Former President Clinton is wise, thoughtful, sincere, kind and hopeful enough to ease the panic we feel over the bumbling, self-serving inexperience of the current administration. I came out of the Universal Amphitheatre smiling, and thinking that the world might still have a chance.

Patricia Lillegraven

Balboa Island


Clinton suggests some redistribution of our considerable wealth and informs us that half the world's population lives on less than $2 per day. I wonder if he waived his lecture fee, reported to be "in the neighborhood" of $100,000, to support 50,000 of the world's poor for a day; or if the NBA would waive Shaq's $714,285.72 fine and support 357,142 of the world's poor?

John Elfmont


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