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Rackauckas Has His Hands Full

January 20, 2002

I've been following the tirades by district attorney candidate Wally Wade, and all I can say is, does this guy have anything positive to say? Wade does nothing but spew negative attacks on the district attorney.

Maybe I'm in the dark, but I like the job Tony Rackauckas has done. Wade is clearly still smarting from the beating he took from Rackauckas in 1998. All I know is that since Rackauckas took office, gangs and gang crime have fallen dramatically. Deadbeat parents have been made to pay up. DNA tracking of sex offenders is in place. Streets are safer for our kids.

It's no wonder Wade would rather focus on office politics than on Rackauckas' crime-fighting record.

Laurie Hendron

Trabuco Canyon


I've been reading about the race for district attorney with a lot of interest. As someone who works in the private sector, I know the challenge of managing people and resources. But what strikes me as utterly unbelievable about the district attorney's office is that the incumbent actually has to put up with people like Wallace Wade.

Rackauckas' job of managing hundreds of lawyers can't be easy. But doing so when they're making all sorts of flagrant, and unproven, allegations must be impossible.

Kenneth R. Simon

Santa Ana Heights


Re "Man Jailed 2 Years Sees Case Voided," Jan. 12:

Five wrongful convictions are five too many. If a change in the training of Rackauckas' prosecutors is "unnecessary," as he claims, then how does he explain these five tragedies? What change is Rackauckas making to ensure the innocent are not convicted?

If we are to learn from the past, as Wade suggests, then the obvious change is to change the district attorney. The March election just isn't soon enough.

Chaundra Rohny

San Clemente

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