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Financier's Dealings Disclosed

Courts: Leonard I. Green's divorce, lawsuit papers reveal an old SEC charge, IRS audit and partnership strife.


"I'm sure this is going to make great reading for people who aren't as lucky as we are," he said. "But we can't complain."



Leonard I. Green

Age: 68

Occupation: Founder and partner, Leonard Green & Partners, the West Coast's largest leveraged-buyout firm

Net worth (as of February 2000): $75 million, estimated

Gross monthly income (as of April 2001): $435,876

Monthly expenses (as of April 2001): $211,390, including mortgages on homes in Malibu and Aspen, Colo.; $8,687 for clothing; $1,190 for golf; $1,122 for wine and liquor; $946 for cigars; and $474 for charity

Assets: 30% to 50% partnership stake in three of the firm's investment funds. Value of holdings: $16 million

The funds own or have stakes in companies such as Big 5 Sporting Goods, Gart Brothers Sporting Goods, Arrow Group Industries, TwinLab, Leslie's Poolmart, Petco Animal Supplies, Liberty Group Publishing, Diamond Triumph Auto Glass, Dollar Financial Group and Rite Aid

Other assets include an estimated $41 million in cash and securities, $4.75 million in art, $300,000 in automobiles and a $7-million Gulfstream jet.

Savings in retirement plan: $640,000

Income claimed on federal tax returns:

1996: $26 million

1997: $17.05 million

1998: $14.21 million

1999: $7.54 million

Court quotes:

Leonard Green: "I thought Jude's professions of love reflected a sincere appreciation of who I was, and am, as a person. One of the more painful aspects of our breakup ... is the realization that Jude apparently only professed to love me for my money."

--May 1, 2001, declaration

Jude Green: "Leonard Green ... aggressively pursued plaintiff and soon thoroughly enmeshed himself in all aspects of plaintiff's life....As with his business targets, Leonard Green instituted a 'takeover' of Jude Green's life, pursuing her as he would any other corporate acquisition."

--Jan. 26, 2001, court pleading

Sources: Leonard Green & Partners; Los Angeles Superior Court filings

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