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UC Tuition Break for Undocumented Students

January 22, 2002

Re "UC Tuition Break OKd for Some Immigrants," Jan. 18: It is an abomination that this state (and country) continues to reward illegal immigrants at the expense of citizens. Actions such as this by the regents will only lure more lawbreakers into the U.S.

It is outrageous that someone living legally in Arizona (or anywhere in the U.S.) has to pay more tuition at a UC school than an illegal immigrant. What next--free air fare and accommodations at the Four Seasons?

Such concessions to special interest groups will only serve to contribute to the difficulty of peaceful coexistence among these unassimilated masses and those here legally. Further, it will continue the untenable trend of illegal immigration.

Doesn't anybody see what is happening to this city, state and country? Doesn't anybody recognize why the public school system is so horrible--it is a sheer numbers issue. We cannot support the entire world's population.

Sharon Scott

Culver City


If these students are intelligent enough to gain entry to the UC system, why can't they take a citizenship class, offered at no cost at any adult school, and become citizens? Why are we bending the law for illegal students?

I shall express my displeasure in the voting booth.

Christina Waldeck


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