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Internet Helps Shine a Light on Night Life From A to Zzzz

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When it comes to night life, Los Angeles is no New York. This city is a bit more into getting its beauty sleep. (Angelenos don't get to hibernate in the winter as do East Coasters.) But nights aren't totally dead out here.

Looking for late-night L.A.? Check out Under the headings Swing, Food, Books, Movies and Post Cards, the site offers a glimpse of activities from real to reel.

The restaurant listings, for example, include location, type of food, price, parking and a review of the food, ambience and service.

Another site that lists late- and all-night dining spots is /LarestBB.htm. Under the Breakfast, Brunch & Late Night heading, there are reviews, although they are missing important information, such as location and phone number. You can get phone numbers under the alphabetical listings, however.

At .asp, you'll find an alphabetical listing of area restaurants. Some of the entries feature links to online menus and reservations.

In search of more than food? Check out .html for a list of clubs. The information includes grid locations for the map link on the Web page.

CitySpin breaks things down by club style at Another site, guide, lists more than 350 Los Angeles nightclubs and provides a guide to clubbing terms and definitions--hey, not everyone understands the concept of a dress code.

If you're heading out of town, you can get the 411 on life after dark. A site still being developed,, transports you to the San Francisco Bay Area's underground of all-night restaurants, clubs and other venues.

For late-night options in about 35 U.S. cities, check out /cities/2001/53.

If you wake up in the city that never sleeps, check out /late-dining.html for food and www for theaters with late curtain times. The New York Theatre Experience site features plays, musicals and special attractions with performances scheduled at 9 p.m. or later.

Be forewarned: Although many of the shows listed are tame, others--and their descriptions--aren't exactly family fare.

Beyond U.S. borders, you can find a full slate of activities for night owls at www and

If you prefer to stay close to home, here's an option: Head for the gym. Who knew there were rules to late-night exercise? You can read all about them at exercise

For those whose interests are less mundane, there are weather reports aimed squarely at stargazers (www.intellicast .com/Star).

The site features viewing conditions, expected celestial highlights for the evening and hints on how to get the most out of your experience.

But if a full stomach, stargazing or a Broadway show aren't for you, maybe you should just click on /general/6728.html?CP_bid= to read or hear a nice bedtime lullaby.


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