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A Travel Writer Defended

January 27, 2002

Please do not pay any attention to Eleanore D. Griffith's negative comments on Christopher Reynolds' experience and intelligence ("High Culture and Cuisine at Oxford," Letters, Jan. 20).

I am delighted every time I read his articles and find him to be curious, observant and articulate. His approach to his work is refreshing.




After reading Eleanore Griffith's letter lambasting Christopher Reynolds' article on "his" Oxford experience, I wondered just what kind of person could write a letter like that.

Lo and behold, there was a picture just to the right of the Letters column that was submitted by Marshall Hope. Just briefly, I resisted the urge to compare Griffith to the shot of the ostrich ... supercilious and nose up so far in the air. I lost my composure and had a good laugh.

Remember, Ms. Griffith, it was Reynolds' experience, not what you wanted him to write or how you experienced it. Lighten up, please.


Yorba Linda

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