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Celebrity Hairbrush, Anyone?


The rest of us might simply have a garage sale, but when Debbie Reynolds and daughter Carrie Fisher decided to clean out the closets (for a good cause, of course), their cornucopia of memorabilia and personal effects went up for bid on How about a pair of slightly used, high-heeled tennis shoes, worn by Fisher? Or a hairbrush that once touched Reynolds' tresses? Or the irresistible pinstriped top worn by Reynolds in her exercise video "Do It Debbie's Way," estimated to fetch between $300 and $400?

"I decided to do it when I ran out of space," said Reynolds by phone from Florida. "I keep accumulating things. You can say I'm a pack rat."

There are a few gems in the collection, for those with deeper pockets. The platinum and diamond wedding band given to Reynolds by ex-husband Eddie Fisher is estimated to draw between $4,000 and $6,000. Fisher left Reynolds in 1959, after four years of marriage, and the ring comes with a note from the actress, saying, "Shortly after our marriage, Eddie went down the Nile with Elizabeth Taylor" (who became his next wife). "I had that for all these years," Reynolds said. "And I was thinking, why do I have that? That's just silly. Someone else will enjoy that."

Fisher is also selling jewelry from an ex. A pearl necklace given to her by singer-songwriter Paul Simon is expected to go for $1,500 to $2,000, and a vintage 1920s diamond watch from $6,000 to $8,000.

Props and memorabilia from the "Star Wars" movies, including an "Ewok instrument" featured in "Return of the Jedi," are also available. Seems there are more potential buyers for the spacey flute than the wedding band. At press time, the instrument had received five bids, the ring none. However, a spokeswoman for cautioned that bidders are savvy and often wait until the last day of the auction to get the best price.

Proceeds from the sale will benefit Reynolds' Hollywood Motion Picture Museum. Interested buyers can log on to the auction house Web site and make bids until Feb. 7.

A Different Sort Of Action Figure

Porn star Jenna Jameson has starred in 50 films and graced more than 300 magazine covers. Some say she is the most downloaded adult star on the Internet, and her countless awards have earned her a legitimacy rare in her industry.

Today), however, Jameson reaches the true summit of modern success: She debuts her own action figure at the Hustler store on Sunset Boulevard.

The Jenna Doll, which features the actress as a superhero from the 1998 film "Wicked Weapon," is intended for the 18-and-older toy enthusiast. The 7-inch doll features all four of Jameson's tattoos and--naturally--is anatomically correct. Doll sculptors at Van Nuys-based Plastic Fantasy Inc. photographed and videotaped Jameson to ensure authenticity in their design. The doll features a true-to-life "heartbreaker" tattoo on its right buttock, purple high heels and what's described as a purple plastic clip-on "vixen teddy." Accessories include a stripper pole and a pedestal. The doll is proportioned to match Jameson's 5-foot-5, 104-pound figure. Her real-life measurements are 34(D)-23-32. "The good thing about a doll is you can tell them, 'Can you make my butt look a little firmer?'" Jameson told us. "And you know I did!"

The company's founder, Jerry Macaluso, is a veteran toy designer known for products based on the TV shows "Star Trek," "Spider-Man" and "Power Rangers," among others. He said Jameson's doll is the first of many planned female adult star action figures. "We're already moving along on one other Jenna," he said. "The next one will have a voice chip." The current model, whose retail price ranges from $14.99 to $25, is being sold at Hustler stores nationwide and on the Internet.

Going Out in Style

Tina Brown isn't one to dwell on failure. Two weeks after Miramax pulled the plug on Talk magazine, the former editor has scheduled a lavish "going out of business" party for Thursday at New York's stylish lounge Glass. About 100 people are expected. "It's not like when they first started," Glass owner Fernando told us. "Then they had 3,000 people."

A New Garcia

A son was born to Andy Garcia and his wife, Marivi Lorido Garcia, on Monday. Andres Antonio Garcia-Lorida weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces. He is the couple's first son. They have three daughters.

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