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July 01, 2002|Larry Stewart

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What: "Peter Jacobsen Plugged In"

Where: The Golf Channel, tonight, 7 and 10

Heard any tennis jokes lately? Probably not. But you've no doubt heard plenty of golf jokes. Something about golf lends itself to humor.

So it seems fitting for the Golf Channel to have a lighthearted show such as this one, which makes its debut tonight. (The second episode is scheduled for Aug. 5.)

And who better to serve as host than golfer/funny man Peter Jacobsen.

It's not simply Jacobsen telling golf jokes, it's more Jacobsen being Jacobsen, which means plenty of goofiness. Sidekick Matt Griesser, known for his Sign Boy character in Foot Joy commercials, adds even more levity.

A hidden-camera segment in the first show has Jacobsen and Griesser in front of a store offering "Golf Tips by a Pro" for $1 to anyone passing by. It's amazing what they can talk their unsuspecting "pupils" into doing.

Other segments include a visit to the Indianapolis 500 and a bar scene in which Jacobsen tells patrons about the time he tackled a streaker on the 18th green at the 1985 British Open.

There's also a mock instruction segment offering such things as a putting tip that involves holding the putter in your teeth or instruction on how to make a hole in one.

The half-hour show ends with "Jake's Takes." In tonight's segment, Jacobsen advocates making the Players Championship a fifth major. This is intended to be a serious segment, although he somehow manages to work "Gilligan's Island" into his commentary, which he concludes with "That's my take, what's yours?"

Jacobsen, a pro for 25 years who has won six PGA tournaments, is also an accomplished guitar player who once headed a group known as Jake Trout and the Flounders. The group also included Golf Channel analyst Mark Lye, golfer Larry Rinker and the late Payne Stewart.

Jacobsen, in the show's opening, plugs in an electric guitar, which explains the "plugged in" part of the title.

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