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Malibu Offers MTV an Alternative Reality and One-Way Ticket Out of Town

July 04, 2002|STEVE HARVEY

The Malibu City Council voted unanimously to forbid MTV from taping a reality show at a local residence, but was thoughtful enough to suggest an alternative.

"Give them the name Malibu" for the production, Councilman Ken Kearsley was quoted as saying in the Malibu Times.

"They can go to 818 country and fog up the window. They can put some sand in a parking lot and call it a beach."

By the way: I believe "818 Country" is one possible name for the proposed San Fernando Valley city that I hadn't heard before.

Let's see your good side: Pam Linn, a columnist for the Malibu Times, sent along a shot of a sign that was supposed to contain the word "opposing." In its altered state, she noted, it would be perfect for folks in the entertainment set (see photo).

Shhh ... It's Martha speaking: James Farmer of Huntington Park came upon an offer indicating that Martha Stewart is still wheeling and dealing (see accompanying).

Or is she? My family, on the other hand, received a note from Martha Stewart Living magazine that bore these words on the envelope: "We'll miss you." Since we're not going anywhere, we wondered if Stewart was--especially in light of the allegations that she used insider information to sell some stock.

Then again, maybe the inscription on the envelope referred to the cancellation of our magazine subscription.

Speaking of unforgettable offers: Paul Hinkley of Carson spotted a rather pricey ticket for a performance of the Who at the Hollywood Bowl. "For that price," Hinkley said, "maybe they would play in my backyard" (see accompanying).

Sure sign of summer: A Cypress resident "asked if police would turn off a hose filling a pool," the Los Alamitos News-Enterprise said, "as the resident was delayed in Palm Desert and had no one else to ask."

Pennies from Lane 3: The police log of the Los Angeles Independent reported that "following a traffic dispute, a woman became angry with a man and threw several coins at his car." Not quite as exciting as winning the lottery.

miscelLAny: I heard a Hollywoodite scoff at a poll showing that his town's secession was not likely to be approved by voters. He pointed out that many of those polled were undecided--15% in Hollywood alone. Well, if I were him, I wouldn't count on the undecideds who live in Tinsel Town. Some of those characters couldn't make up their minds about what planet they're on.


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