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Disclosing Documents About 91 Tollway

July 07, 2002

Re "Tollway Price Is Fair, OCTA Says," June 25:

Members of the public and the press have a right to review documents on which elected officials and county agencies base decisions.

The Times reported that the Orange County Transit Agency released documents regarding the 91 tollway negotiations solely as a result of public information requests filed by The Times and the Orange County Register.

OCTA released the documents because, as a public agency, we report directly to our customers: residents and riders in Orange County. In dealings with the 91 tollway, documents were released because it is a standard part of the process. Our policy is to share public information regarding public funds when the board reviews these materials.

More than a month ago, I assured the public and the media that every document presented to the OCTA board would also be made available to the public with sufficient time for thorough review before any final vote on the possible 91 tollway purchase.

Todd Spitzer

County supervisor, 3rd District

OCTA chairman

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