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Garden Grove's Eminent Domain Plan Draws Fire

July 07, 2002

Re "Hundreds Protest Zoning Proposal," June 26:

It was a shock to see that city officials in Garden Grove have such a low opinion of the city's residents. That is the only conclusion I can draw from the comments attributed to the mayor and city manager of Garden Grove. The citizens at the meeting were correct in their lack of faith in their leaders.

Ivan Edelman

La Mesa


The situation in Garden Grove, in which the City Council backed away from using eminent domain to take several hundred homes in order to build a revenue-producing zone, is why the majority of Cypress residents support a retail shopping center on the land where Cottonwood Christian Church wants to build its gymnasium, recording studio and, I guess, a church too.

Forgetting for a moment that Cottonwood purchased the land knowing it was zoned for commercial use, the fact is that cities need revenue to maintain services. All Garden Grove has is that monumental Crystal Cathedral, which brings thousands of people to Garden Grove to pray.

Then they get right back into their cars and go home, leaving almost no money in Garden Grove. The church is a nonprofit. All the entertainment put on by the church is nonprofit. Except for name recognition, the Crystal Cathedral does nothing for the city of Garden Grove.

Now Garden Grove is forced to declare eminent domain on hundreds of homeowners to find revenue-producing entities to maintain its services. This is just what Cypress will be faced with if Cottonwood is allowed to build its gymnasium/recording studio/church. And this is why I support the Cypress City Council.

Patrick Nolans


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