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The Triumph of Political Correctness

July 07, 2002

Recently you published several letters pointing out the lack of political correctness in some of your stories. I would like to add my support to them. Let's examine your June 23 edition:

The story on the front page ("Peak Season on Chesapeake Bay") advocates eating crabs. Don't you know that those poor creatures are cooked alive?

There is a story ("Ensuring a Photo Finish to That Dream Trip," Travel Insider) that not only discriminates against travelers too poor to own a camera but is offensive to those who believe that taking people's pictures is equivalent to stealing their souls.

The Weekend Escape ("Digging the Scene at an Arizona Ranch") advocates mistreating animals, in this case, by riding horses.

The article "Getting a New View of Native Lands" advocates traveling through areas that Native Americans hold sacred.

The Youth Beat column ("An Alternative Universe of Student Vacations") discriminates against those of us who are no longer students or young.

"My Best Shot" is a "shot" at those who favor gun control.

And the very name of the section, "Travel," is from the French word travaille, which means "work," an obvious attempt to further your leftist political agenda by promoting labor unions.

Based on the number of articles you publish trying to get Americans to visit and leave their money in foreign countries, I wonder if you are in cahoots with our enemies who are trying to destroy our morale and our economy and hoping to bring about an end to the American way of life.

It is obvious that the best thing any politically correct red-blooded American who is interested in the outside world can do is stay home and watch television.

With my tongue firmly in cheek,


Newport Beach

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