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Many Are Working at Love on the Job

July 08, 2002

More than 30,000 people responded to an online survey about romance in the workplace that was written and analyzed by Janet Lever, a Cal State L.A. sociologist.

The survey was administered on and

Here are some of the results:

* 62% had at least one office affair.

* 42% were married or in a relationship at the time of their affair.

* 41% admitted to having sex at work.

* 54% of married and 62% of single people flirt at work.

* 41% agreed that women who advance are still subject to gossip that they slept their way to the top.

* 34% of women and 20% of men say they play up their sexuality at work.

* 20% had sex with a co-worker during work hours.

* 7% got caught in the act but most suffered nothing more than embarrassment.

* Roughly 50% said the relationship lasted a year or longer.

* 16% reported that the relationship lasted five or more years.

* 13% of women felt passed over for a promotion because a supervisor found them sexually threatening.

* 25% of women felt their career benefited because a supervisor found them attractive.

* 9% of women and 15% of men said they refrained from acting friendly for fear it would be misconstrued as a sexual advance.

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