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Airport: Install the Checkpoints at Terminal Doors

July 08, 2002

July 4's shooting incident tells us we are not as secure as we think we are or are told we are. I believe that the ticket and check-in counters must be behind security checks and barriers.

Passengers checking in would be screened from the entrance onward. No visitors beyond the entrance unless checked through security. Rules for carry-ons must be strictly enforced. Airline personnel must enforce these rules. It is about time that everyone plays the game and stops being selfish.

David Peters

Beverly Hills


After July 4's shooting in the L.A. airport, it would appear that all the security in the universe can't keep the terrorist kooks from carrying out their dastardly deeds. I don't think we can point the finger of blame at the officials on duty for letting that gunman slip through the cracks. They did their job as well as could have been expected. However, no amount of efficiency in quelling a worse tragedy will comfort those who have lost their loved ones.

It would seem that putting the security checkpoint at every door in the building would make it easier to at least keep would-be gunmen out of the terminal. It might not make it any harder for prospective terrorists to find their targets, but at least hundreds of people inside wouldn't have to be herded in panic out of the building.

Although the jury is still out on the motive for the shooting at the El Al counter, in view of the explosive situation between the extremist Muslim Arabs and the Jews, I don't doubt there was a reason for shooting people at that particular ticket counter.

Yes, it will cost a lot to install that many more checkpoints, but wouldn't it be worth it to cut down on the disruption for the flying public? The terrorists are going to find every loophole, but we can be just as innovative as they.

Maxine Bechtel

Des Moines


An Arab man waits in a check-in line for El Al Airlines, he has no identification nor ticket, but he is carrying a knife, two guns and ammunition. Suddenly he fires and kills two people. Our government does not see this as terrorism? Give me a break.

Randy L. Zuckerman

Los Angeles

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