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'Saddle Club' Beckons to Girls Who Love Horses



The Saddle Club: Adventures at Pine Hollow. Protocol 4Entertainment/Crawfords Australia/Warner Home Video. VHS: $15. DVD: $20. Ages 8 to 12. www.saddleclubtv .com/ or

DreamWorks' "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" isn't the only golden viewing opportunity for horse-loving "tweener" girls ages 8 to 12. They can saddle up with this well-produced, feature-length release based on the bestselling book series "The Saddle Club" and "Pine Hollow," by Bonnie Bryant. (The TV series can be seen on the Discovery Kids cable channel.)

Filmed in Australia and set in and around a fab riding stable in the midst of gorgeous green fields and forests, the movie centers on three 12-year-old best friends, Stevie, Carole and Lisa.

Along with training sessions with a hunk of a riding coach, preparing for competitions and riding, grooming and communing with their horses, the three girls deal with rich and spoiled Veronica, a fledgling interest in boys and, in Carole's case, angst over whether to be a veterinarian like her late mother.

To all this, add handsome young stable hands, Carole's dreamboat dad, a friendly female horse doctor, a stallion's tragic death, a foal's birth and loads of equine pulchritude on parade.

The DVD includes a guide to horses, the girls' chipper pop music video "Hello World," bios and more.

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