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Police Beating of Teen Captured on Video

July 11, 2002

For the horrible crime of an expired registration, a 16-year-old passenger ends up being handcuffed, thrown onto the trunk of a car and slugged by a cowardly cop easily 50 pounds heavier, with three other cops surrounding him. The only reason this comes to light is a videotape (July 9).

The four of them would have lied to the "impartial" investigation by the internal affairs departments that are actually set up to protect these creatures, or to the district attorneys and court system, which are scared to death of finding them guilty.

When have we had enough, folks? When it happens to you? Civilian oversight, just as our military has, is the only chance we have against these criminals. By the way, the officer is on leave--with pay.

Bob Driscoll

Woodland Hills


Hmmm. Could you please help me in determining whom I should be on the lookout for--those terrorists with the turbans or the ones with the badges?

Jeffrey L. Walker

Los Angeles


It is becoming extremely difficult for law enforcement officers to do their job. They are under intense public scrutiny and are required to be in complete control of their actions at all times. Unfortunately, those in society who reject authority and live a life of crime are not held to the same standards. They are allowed every conceivable excuse for their actions. Perhaps it is time that we extend the same leniency to our police and sheriffs.

I propose the institution of a "three strikes and you're fired" policy for law enforcement officers who are found guilty of abusing a suspect while in custody. Here is how the policy would work: The officer is disciplined and given a 90-day probationary sentence; during this time, the officer continues receiving his salary and is enrolled in an anger management course.

He is also provided with training to improve his skills at subduing a suspect who is both hellbent on resisting arrest and intent on injuring the officer in the process. Upon the second offense, probation extends to six months, and more training is provided. Again, the salary should not be interrupted. Upon the third strike, it is reasonable to conclude that the officer in question is not capable of restraining himself and should be dismissed, with pension.

Mitchell Lane

La Canada Flintridge


Reading and watching the reports about Donovan Jackson, who was beaten by an Inglewood police officer, I was dismayed to hear that the officer's actions were being rationalized by what the sensationalized video did not capture. While the handcuffed suspect may have assaulted the police officers, nothing gives them the right to treat the suspect as they did after he had been handcuffed.

Ryan Realivasquez



It's a shame that Officer Jeremy Morse didn't gently lift Jackson off the ground, pat him on the head and send him on his way, even though Jackson had just fought with Morse and left him bleeding. Then no one would protest, and The Times certainly wouldn't care. Can't we all just get along?

Robert Parry

Marina del Rey

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