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Mural Cleanup: Too High a Price to Pay

July 11, 2002

Re "Mural Repair Grant Stops Short of Need," July 4: Mural artist Glenna Avila supports Gov. Gray Davis' $1.7-million grant to repair graffiti-marred murals and has stated, "I'm sure that everybody is 100% behind fixing these works." While Avila may be skilled with a paintbrush, she certainly doesn't speak for me.

If our financially astute governor does go through with these repairs, his name should be etched along each mural. That way, when millions of future commuters are stuck northbound on the freeway and see a fresh round of gang tags fouling up the Los Angeles Marathon mural, they'll know exactly who flushed close to $2 million of their hard-earned tax dollars down the toilet.

Rich Siegel

Culver City


It saddens me that the murals have been ruined by graffiti. No amount of money spent to replace them can assure that they will not be defaced again.

I pass by a storage building on the east side of the 405 Freeway near Westwood. Every day there is graffiti on the roof. The next day it is painted out, only to be vandalized again and again.

Until measures can assure the safety of the murals, they are at risk, and the money to replace them is wasted. Very sad.

Nancy R. McAnany

Playa del Rey

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