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Memorable Moments With Ted Williams

July 11, 2002

Many years ago I took my son, who was 9 years old at the time, to a baseball card show in Orange County. There were many professional ballplayers attending, pushing their products and egos. Some were not patient with the many kids and adults who were so enamored of their heroes.

Ted Williams (obituary, July 6) took his time with his many fans, posed for pictures and just enjoyed himself. He may have been made out of super-steel, but I could see a kind heart in this amazing man.

Joan Eisenberg

Woodland Hills


One of my favorite Ted Williams stories occurred during an interview in 1992. A reporter asked, "If you were playing today, do you think you could hit .400?"

Williams replied, "No, I'd probably hit around .350."

The reporter asked: "Why? Because the pitchers playing today are better than when you were in your prime?"

Williams responded: "No. Because I'm now 73 years old!"

Ray Uhler



Re "A Baseball Great's Legacy May Be Frozen in Time," July 9: The fact that Williams' body has allegedly been cryogenically frozen offers the family a marvelous opportunity. It's now possible for Williams to literally give a cold shoulder to the Boston fans!

Robin Read


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