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Garden Grove Battle Not Unlike El Toro

July 14, 2002

Re "Garden Grove Chooses Wisely," Editorial, July 7:

My heart was lightened by the fact that homeowners in Garden Grove were able to make a difference. Turf wars are getting bloodier in Orange County as land becomes scarce. These battles take constant vigilance and participation by residents.

Garden Grove rezoning is an issue that is not so far removed from the issues of cities surrounding El Toro that had to fight for representation against an international airport.

Garden Grove may not have given full support to those cities in the countywide elections but perhaps now realizes and will be more sensitive to those that have uphill battles against local government imposing on their homes.

A wonderful show of unity by Garden Grove and the other county cities named on the lawsuit to overturn Measure W would be to withdraw their name.

The residents of these cities would have to stand up to their councils and say we accept Measure W as voted upon by Orange County voters and insist that they remove their city's support for the lawsuit by the Airport Working Group of Newport Beach, even if it isn't costing your city anything. It is time to take a stand respecting the decision of the voters, not the courts.

Mary Schwartz

Santa Ana

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