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A 'Family' Voice

July 20, 2002

Michael Mallory, shame on you! How can you write an entire article about animators who give voice to their own characters and not mention the multitalented Seth MacFarlane? ("Voicing Their Creations," July 16.)

MacFarlane adeptly voiced his "Family Guy" misfits Peter, Brian the dog and Stewie the maniacal baby (among others) for two gloriously underappreciated seasons on Fox.

It has to be the crowning achievement of animators turned voice artists. He didn't just lend "noises" to his creations, as did Chris Sanders and Chris Wedge. He created funny, distinctly different characters on a weekly basis.

If Mike Judge received two Annie Awards for a single character (Hank Hill), then MacFarlane deserves an armload of Emmys.

Shame on Fox as well for cutting this bit of hysteria loose. My hope is that the twisted MacFarlane has more quirky characters and voices to unleash on the unsuspecting public soon!


North Hollywood

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