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Savoring the Diversity of L.A.'s Cuisine, but Keeping an Eye on One's Pocketbook

July 21, 2002

I returned here in February of this year after living in Reno, Nev. Your Annual Restaurant Issue (June 23) was a wonderful reminder of what I had missed so much. As a Southern California native, I see that some old favorites have weathered the changing trends and hard economic times. What I missed most was the amazing diversity that we have in food. From a fiery Thai seafood soup to a sublime carne asada taco, we have it all. Your issue presents a great cross-section of classic eateries and new culinary haunts. I will enjoy exploring the many locations for months to come. It is good to be home. Thank you for a fantastic reminder.

Salvador Sanchez



As a teenager, I am constantly trying to find restaurants that are reasonably priced, interesting and good-which is why the article on 'Cheap Eats' sparked my attention. The first entry, Ammo, immediately sounded like a great choice: hip and tasty without being outrageously overpriced. I thought this would be the perfect place to take two friends.

Immediately after glancing over the menu, though, I was shocked that Ammo could be included in the 'Cheap Eats' section. A soup for $8 is far from 'cheap,' and only one or two of the pasta dishes stayed in the $14 range. Many of the entrees reached well into the neighborhood of $25. I was so embarrassed that I had suggested such an expensive restaurant that I offered to treat my friends.

We managed to have a relatively pleasant meal-the food was delicious-yet the three of us struggled to share a minuscule salad, a small pasta and a slightly larger seafood dish to keep costs down. Our $25 ahi dish was by no means a bargain, but if the portion had been truly large enough to share, then it could have been considered a better value. The portions at Ammo, however, are surprisingly small. This restaurant should not be considered 'cheap' in any way. The entry was extremely misleading.

Evan Krenzien

Marina del Rey

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