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Warlords Hold Boys Captive

July 24, 2002

Re "Prisoner of Jihad," July 21: I was moved by the story of young Bahram and his father, Faisal Rahman, who was trying to save him from torture by the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. It is not easy to hear about misguided young men who have been captured as "prisoners of war" and are beaten and sexually abused by their captors.

If the Taliban were holding American soldiers as prisoners of war and beating or sexually abusing them, the world would be in an uproar. Our government would not stand for such crimes of war and crimes against humanity. Why is it that when our friends are committing these horrific crimes the world does not hear about it and our country watches in silence?

Muizz Rafique



Your story continues to trouble me. Bahram must be only one of a number of young men being held as slaves. Is anyone working to free these boys, provide rehabilitation and return them to their families? Is it just a matter of raising funds for ransom, or is there something more systemic that can be done? Someone must care enough to do something.

Clif Cartland

North Hills

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