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Israeli Attacks Destroy Sharon's Peace Promise

July 25, 2002

Re "Israeli Airstrike in Gaza Strip Kills 12," July 23: The continuing siege and enforced curfew of Palestinians will never bring the security that Ariel Sharon promised Israeli voters (by 100 days) after his election. He is not a man of peace. He either does not know how or is unwilling to bring it about. The latest example is the assassination of a Hamas leader (plus the deaths of 14 others and the wounding of many).

The raid was carried out after Hamas' spiritual leader publicly said his group would call off suicide attacks if Sharon would pull back his forces from the West Bank. Is there the political will and wisdom in Washington to bring the violence to an end? We have the means to do it. Or are the president and the majority in Congress beholden to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the conservative Christian coalitions?

The people of Israel and Palestine deserve the chance to live their lives in peace and possibility.

Marie Cardwell

Seal Beach


If you strap a bomb to your chest and kill innocent women and children then you are a terrorist. If you climb into an F-16 and kill innocent women and children then you are a hero.

Brian Bard


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