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Economic Woes Began on Clinton's Watch

July 26, 2002

Reading Robert Scheer's July 23 commentary, "The Boom or Bush Cycle," one would believe that all corporate malfeasance started at noon Jan. 20, 2001--that before President Bush's inauguration everyone in the corporate world was a good citizen and kept the books clean. Scheer states, "The Bushes' contempt for government regulation of capitalism has allowed corporate piracy to drive the nation toward financial ruin."

Though Bush has done nothing for the economy, most of the corporate piracy and the resulting economic downturn started while Scheer's hero, Bill Clinton, was in office. Yet throughout his rant, Clinton is never mentioned. In the future I suggest that The Times should put a disclaimer on all of Scheer's commentaries as "being out of touch with reality."

Dan Sherman



Scheer is right on. Every time another big business (like WorldCom) collapses, we get a new terrorist scare. What will it be this time? Bush should put his money where his mouth is and crack down on these big-time crooks.

The first thing he should do is fire Harvey Pitt, the head of the SEC, and get someone who's not hand in glove with the big boys. We need a man for the people who will do more than just administer a slap on the wrist. And follow that up with removing Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill. Let's see some real concern and compassion for the little guys, Dubya.

Ann Johnston

Thousand Oaks

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