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As the Sun Sets on Another Little League Season, There's Something Amiss

July 27, 2002|Steve Harvey

The Little League season is drawing to a close at Stearns Park in Long Beach, and umpire Damon Hawn says that one of the most memorable lines was uttered by a young infielder who allowed a ground ball to go through his legs. "Coach," the kid said afterward, "I lost it in the sun."

Yer outta there! The Dodgers and Adelphia, who teamed up for a foam-finger promotion the other day (see accompanying), don't have too much in common. Adelphia has been the one in trouble with federal umpires.

The bankrupt communications company's founder was recently arrested, along with two of his sons and two associates, for allegedly looting $1 billion from Adelphia.

The Dodgers, meanwhile, just steal a few bases.

Speaking of crime: There are watchdogs and there are watchcats--or meerkats--in the case of the London neighborhood visited by Mark Scott of Long Beach (see photo).

Spiked balls, not drinks: With Manhattan Beach's annual volleyball tournament a week away, city officials served this warning: No drinking allowed.

Last year, imbibing was heavy, restroom facilities were few (four stalls) and the surf was dangerous. The result: More than 50 rescues during the two-day event. "People were going into the water to relieve themselves," county Fire Capt. Mike Cunningham told the Beach Reporter.

Out of options? Vallen Sarnoff of Yorba Linda was in Manhattan taking voice lessons when she noticed an icy warning in the hallway (see photo). "What were you allowed to do," asked mom Carolyn Sarnoff, "hover?"

Free item: Since rumor has it that the San Diego Chargers may move back to L.A., it's time to bone up on the team's history. What's the origin of the club's nickname? Les Liebsen of L.A. points out that it was conceived by owner Barron Hilton, who had just introduced Carte Blanche, one of the nation's first credit cards.

Unclear on the concept: The media Web site gave high marks to a story on illegal car-poolers by KCOP-TV's Gigi Graciette. She accompanied the California Highway Patrol on a ride-along that netted one driver who didn't even have a driver's license (let alone a passenger). What was funny was that the motorist produced another form of ID: an application to join the CHP.

Right, baby! Where did the Hollywood Walk of Fame install a star for actor Mike Myers of the "Austin Powers" movies? Why, in front of the International Love Boutique, of course.

I'm all wet: After I printed what I thought was a typographical error about "dive-in" movies, Holly Rizzo, Elizabeth Rothbart, Rod Kavanagh and several other readers chastised me.

"Aw c'mon, Harvey," Kavanagh said, "you haven't heard about dive-in movies? They've been a big draw at water parks and public pools for about a decade. See, instead of sitting in a car in a parking lot, you sit in an inner tube and watch from the water. Neat, huh? Course, it isn't the best venue for keeping your popcorn crisp

miscelLAny: Kavanagh is right--I don't get out enough. And I'm going to remedy that by diving into a two-week vacation.

See you Aug. 14.


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