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Traffic Necessitates Foothill South Tollway

July 28, 2002

Re "Build Foothill South, Voters Say in Survey," July 12:

So the recent survey that shows strong support for the Foothill South tollway is "PR gimmickry," according to Sierra Club representative Bill Corcoran.

Corcoran seems befuddled by the support, since he says there "are no real traffic forecasts yet."

I have a suggestion for Corcoran: Go sit on the parking lot we call Interstate 5 on the weekend.

We don't need traffic engineers to conduct forecasts in order to tell us traffic will get bad, because it already is bad.

And it's only going to get worse unless something is done.

Foothill South is the final leg of the 67-mile toll-road system in Orange County. Let's finish what we started--and the sooner the better.

Leo R. Jones

Laguna Woods

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