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Man Charged in Vigilante-Type Shooting at Boys in Baltimore

July 30, 2002|From Associated Press

BALTIMORE — A man charged in a vigilante-style shooting for allegedly opening fire on three boys believed to be selling drugs was denied bail Monday by the same judge who prosecuted him on a manslaughter conviction in the 1970s.

During a hearing, District Judge H. Gary Bass told defendant Williams Banks, 60, that although his prior conviction was inadmissible, it was enough reason to deny him bail. Bass wouldn't discuss details of the former case.

Police said Banks returned home Sunday to find three boys--ages 11, 15 and 18--selling drugs on his front steps.

When Banks asked them to move, the boys became irate, yelling insults, said police spokeswoman Sheri Albrecht. Banks went inside his home, came out with a .38-caliber handgun and started shooting, Albrecht said.

Banks called police after the shooting.

He gave them his gun when they arrived and told them he was tired and just wanted the boys to get off his steps, according to a police report.

Neighbors said Banks and the three youths had run-ins before.

Police identified the three as Dominique Byrd, 11; William James, 15, and Berry Bolling, 18.

Byrd was released Sunday from the hospital and Bolling on Monday. James remained hospitalized in good condition Monday.

Bolling had been convicted last month on charges of drug possession.

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