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Miners' Rescue Inspires Hopes for Better World

July 30, 2002

Re "All 9 Rescued From Mine," July 28: After all these months of nothing but abductions, murder, rapes, drive-by shootings and road-rage incidents--not even including all of the horrific news from the Middle East and terrorism in general--I have not felt as good as I did watching the magnificent rescue of the nine miners. Good news is so comforting. I could not go to sleep Saturday night until I saw the ninth miner come out. Let's hope we can see the good outnumber the bad from here on in.

Al Cohen

Sherman Oaks


Hurrah for the nine miners and their saviors! Headlines across the nation are celebrating the rescue and we share a jubilation that trapped men have been saved, returned to their lives.

But ... how does this cherishing of human life, the heroic efforts to preserve it, jibe with bombing innocent people to avenge a terrible wrong? Where does civilization begin in its creative efforts to preserve and not destroy life?

Saving nine men righted a wrong set in motion by a grim accident. How can we find new ways to right the wrongs of the world without bloodshed?

Peggy Aylsworth Levine

Santa Monica

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