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The Governor Has Failed to Assist Poor Schools

July 31, 2002

Gov. Gray Davis says his educational programs have helped provide opportunities for "every deserving child" (July 29). What? Are there "undeserving" children?

Given his utter lack of focus on his top three priorities--education, education and education--it would seem that he thinks so. While affluent school districts continue to do an adequate job of educating kids, poor schools essentially continue to be holding tanks for children to whom little is given and even less is expected. Davis has done nothing to change this.

Brian K. O'Neel



Sherry Bebitch Jeffe writes about how lucky Davis is, due to the infighting among the California GOP and other missteps by his competitors (Opinion, July 28).

Get real: The only reason Davis has been so successful is because the GOP is just as content with him as it would be with any Republican governor. Besides, the corporate lobby has already placed its bets on Davis to win.

Matthew Stewart

Davis, Calif.

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