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There Is a Here Here

June 01, 2002

I just finished reading "Journey to the Center of L.A.," written by Mary McNamara (May 30). Being a true-born Angeleno, I felt it was one of the best articles I've read about Los Angeles.

Lately, I have been complaining about the driving, comparing this city to the likes of New York or Boston, but reading this put a smile on my face, leading to a friendlier and more observant driver.

I think I may even take a long-overdue road trip this weekend.


Los Angeles


I have to commend you for pointing out that there are entertainments in Los Angeles other than those that are on a screen, stage or in a museum. I am disappointed, though, that you didn't go one step further and suggest to your readers that they walk some of these boulevards rather than drive them.

I've walked many of the boulevard routes that you featured: the length of Sunset Boulevard, both Topanga and Coldwater Canyon (not to mention Laurel Canyon, Sepulveda Pass, Malibu Canyon and Cahuenga Pass) and the length of Wilshire Boulevard at least 10 times.

To experience these cityscapes at the leisurely pace of walking is like reading a book about the development and life of the city. To drive these same stretches is something like reading the Cliffs Notes: You get the idea but you can't fully appreciate the richness that makes it great.

I hope more people will get out and walk these routes to discover what a wonderfully diverse and colorful place is this City of Angels.


Sherman Oaks

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