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Secession Coverage in Daily News, Times

June 01, 2002

Ron Kaye, managing editor of the Daily News, was a journalistic "watchdog" long before there ever was a Valley secession movement ("Daily News Becomes a Herald of Secession," May 30). How about a few words--in this story, not the next one--about The Times' financial stake in opposing secession?

As a former Daily News reporter, I would like to note for the record that the paper's editing style has changed little in the last decade, with the exception of today's more sensational headlines. It has absolutely nothing to do with secession. The notion that there would be no secession movement without Kaye is just too ludicrous to include in a news story.

Barbara Palermo

Woodland Hills


Re "The Times Faulted for Downplaying Secession," May 31: It isn't so much whether you support secession that I care about. The primary job of those in the media is to keep their eyes on government and let the people know what's the truth. Frankly, what scares me about The Times is that it seems a little too cozy with the downtown political establishment.

Why don't you interview some Valley leaders? Talk to folks like Kim Thompson, Joy Ming, Gerald Silver and myself. Hear our side. Learn why we can't work with the existing system.

Jerry England


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