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Attempt to Ban Mascots: 'Frivolous Nonsense'

June 01, 2002

Re "Bill to Ban Indian Mascots Is Blocked," May 29: At last, a voice of reason! The California Assembly soundly defeated the overreaching bill introduced by Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg, and rightly so. If ever there was an example of government poking into areas where it doesn't belong, this was it.

While I am no fan of most Republican rhetoric and actions, this time they are right. Political correctness has reached absurd heights in our society, and it is time to get on with important issues like the state deficit, urban transportation, health care, education, etc. It appears that some of the supporting organizations take themselves way too seriously! Hats off to the California legislators who put an end to this frivolous piece of nonsense.

Tom Reinberger


Thank God the California Assembly has some respect for our Native Americans and slapped down Goldberg's patronizing attempt at belittling them (does "PC" stand for politically correct or paternally chauvinistic?). I almost started thinking Native Americans couldn't tell the difference between being dissed and being honored for their ancestors' warrior spirit.

Then I read in your article that most of the tribal leaders in California don't support Goldberg's bill to ban all Native American team mascots from public schools--that they don't consider it a "pressing issue." Apparently, while Goldberg tries to mandate "racial sensitivity" for the poor Indians, they have better things to do.

Todd Fanady

Long Beach

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