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Those 10 Chinese Have No Right to Remain

June 02, 2002

Re "Hapless Chinese Immigrants Can't Escape the Party Line," May 26:

The 10 Chinese nationals who landed at the El Morro beach are not refugees. They are illegal aliens. They have broken our laws in coming here and have no right to remain.

The young women who saw them did the right thing in alerting the authorities.

Randle C. Sink



Re "10 Chinese Nabbed After Coming Ashore in O.C," May 24:

I am really shocked that Newport Beach police would take the time to apprehend these poor illegal Chinese aliens who washed up on our shores. These poor guys should have taken the time to get a consular matricula card, and then everything would be OK.

Didn't all of the police chiefs in Orange County as well as the Orange County sheriff vote to accept an invalid foreign ID as a get-out-of-jail card? That way illegals could open bank accounts, get a Blockbuster video card, maybe even get a driver's license.

License? Oops--I must have lost my head. They were Chinese. It's only OK for Mexicans to violate our immigration laws. What was I thinking? Well, there is hope for these poor Chinese men. They could always try to apply for asylum at the Mexican Consulate.

Harald G. Martin


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