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No Odorous Takeout Aboard, Please

June 02, 2002

I hope Peter Hong and his family were occupying first-class seats when they ate their box lunches of broiled mackerel, black-bean pork ribs and string beans wrapped in beef teriyaki ("Before Silicon Valley, There Was San Jose," Weekend Escape, May 19). Even then it would seem that the other passengers in that section would have to endure the smell but not the flavor of the box lunches. In coach it would be unbearable to be seated next to people eating food like that, not to mention the odor that would cling to their clothing. How about a little consideration for fellow passengers?


Laguna Niguel


I enjoy Peter Hong's travel articles. I cut out his Berkeley article ("Berkeley Now--and Then," Weekend Escape, March 3) with the intent of simulating his trip (especially since it's my husband's and my alma mater), and now I'm doing the same thing with the San Jose article. I share Hong's interest in history and was inspired to learn more--and even try new types of sushi.



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