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More Razor Blades Put in O.C. Park


More than 30 razor blades were discovered in a Mission Viejo park playground Sunday morning, marking the ninth time in a month that sharp objects have been found in south Orange County parks.

A woman on her way to a softball tournament in Alicia Park noticed four razor blades near a slide on the playground.

When sheriff's deputies combed the park with metal detectors, they found an additional 28 razor blades in the area, according to Jim Amormino, a Sheriff's Department spokesman.

"They were right by the stairs of the slide," Amormino said. "It's a very small playground area, and 32 is a lot of razor blades. I'm sure they had the intent to harm children."

The discovery was the latest in a string of incidents across Orange County in which razor blades and nails have turned up in parks.

The first razor-blade discovery was in a Laguna Beach park in April. No injuries have been reported. "We're taking several security measures," Amormino said. "I'm confident we'll find them. Luckily, no one was hurt again."

Nails and razor blades have been found at six parks in Mission Viejo in the last month. There are 46 city parks in Mission Viejo.

"That's what makes this so difficult," Amormino said. "There are so many parks to watch."

A wave of razor blade discoveries occurred more than a year ago at six parks in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach.

Police never caught the culprit or culprits, and the crimes apparently ended in May 2001.

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