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They Raised a Pretty Penny in Pink


It was Hollywood Versace-style at the seventh annual spring luncheon benefiting the Children's Action Network and Westside Children's Center.

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas hosted the event Thursday at their picturesque Hancock Park villa, designed in 1926 by Hoover Dam architect Gordon B. Kauffman.

In a corset-back, red tank top showing off her heart-shaped "Antonio" tattoo, Griffith said in her kittenish voice, "You're finally someone in the Hollywood wives club if you get to host this luncheon."

The 100 mostly female guests sipped bubbly out of frosted Versace flutes and ate lunch off green-and-gold patterned Versace plates, while sitting under a tent decorated with thousands of blooms in blindingly bright Versace pink.

"This is a day I will remember for the rest of my life," said designer Donatella Versace, appropriately dressed in a pink tank top and pants, before presenting a runway show of her fall collection.

As Carmen Kass, Carolyn Murphy and other models strutted down a kaleidoscope-patterned runway, choruses of oohs and aahs rang out from the audience of serious shoppers. "I have to have that!" co-host Rita Wilson said, applauding a taupe suede trench with black beaded embroidery.

After the show, lunch began--for those who felt like eating after the parade of hot bods. Among those nibbling on halibut were Tippi Hedren, Lucy Liu, Rosanna Arquette, Kelly Lynch, Kate Capshaw and her daughter Jessica Capshaw, the singer Eve and Angela Bassett.

After the salad course, Banderas fetched a cutie, daughter Stella, 6, for show-and-tell. "She's got her mother's legs," said Anjelica Huston, in between puffs of a cigarette she was smoking with a holder. Dakota, 13, Griffith's daughter from her previous marriage to Don Johnson, joined the party later.

At another table, the always amusing and well-dressed Jennifer Tilly (in Dior) was recounting her visit to the infamously exclusive Voyage store in London. "I had to recite all of my credits at the door and they still wouldn't let me in," she said. "I told the guy I was nominated for an Oscar for a Woody Allen film and he said, 'Who is this Woody Allen? I've never heard of him.'"

The luncheon, co-sponsored by In Style magazine, raised about $100,000. Jennifer Perry, executive director of the Children's Action Network, said the money would help find homes for 134,000 foster children, many of whom are in L.A. "They are just like the kids you see walking down the street every day," she said. "They just need love and stability to flourish."

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