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Lawmaker Seeks 9 L.A. Boroughs


Assemblyman Bob Hertz- berg (D-Sherman Oaks) is close to completion on a detailed plan to divide Los Angeles into nine boroughs, the former Assembly speaker and others said Tuesday.

Hertzberg, who carried legislation to make secession possible, said his borough plan, when finished, will be better than breaking up the city.

"I'm trying to change the governance structure of Los Angeles," he said.

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel said Hertzberg's plan may be melded into her proposal for a borough system.

At a public hearing Tuesday night in North Hollywood, about 100 people turned out to discuss the idea of boroughs for Los Angeles before a City Council subcommittee.

Gary Hendrickson, 59, a lifetime North Hollywood resident, dismissed the borough plans as a tactic to block secession efforts.

"I think it's too little too late," Hendrickson said. "They are only offering this stuff to change our votes on secession."

But Theresa Newham of the Mid-Valley Neighborhood Council said she opposes Valley secession. "I'm really afraid that if we secede, we'll be trading the devil for his mama."

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