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Change of Venue Wouldn't Be Fair

June 08, 2002

The Fairplex Park racing meet being moved to Santa Anita, whether it's this year or next, is one of the most ill-conceived ideas to come down the pike in quite some time.

Nowhere is there a mention of the long tradition of fair racing in Pomona.

Nowhere is there a mention of how the little guy (lesser-known jockeys, trainers, owners) rely on those three weeks to survive.

Nowhere is there a single utterance of the most important thing: What is good for the racing fan? If the Fairplex Park meeting accomplishes one thing, it is this: It creates new fans.

Do the racing executives care? Of course not. They thumb their noses at the fans who exist, and don't give a road apple about the much needed future fan base. Shame on them.

Jerry Hauck

Studio City

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