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U.S. Citizens Offered Alaskan Snow Job

June 14, 2002

As uncomfortable and bewildering as it may be to Karl Francis, neither he nor other Alaskans own the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Commentary, June 10). It is federal land, owned by the U.S. government and, therefore, by all the citizens of the U.S.

The U.S. citizens who read The Times--most of whom happen to reside in California--have the same ownership interest in the ANWR as all other citizens, including those living in Kaktovik, Alaska. Francis' indignation is selfish and misplaced.

Alec Frank

Playa del Rey


Francis asserts that the oil revenue payments given to Alaskan residents are in the long-term interest of the people. However, his assertion falls on its face when one looks at the industry and the payments being discussed.

What will the state do when the oil dries up? What will Alaskans do? Start harvesting their trees for lumber? And when that's gone, what should be next?

Should the Teamsters be asked to hire workers to help push Alaska and its now dead (formerly resource-based) economy into the sea?

James Rogers

Chester, Conn.

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