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Caltrans Misspends Taxpayer Money

June 14, 2002

I fell off my chair laughing at "Some Object to Caltrans' Re-Greening of Freeways" (June 6). The new freeway landscaping is anything but green. Ed Boll, Caltrans' landscape architect, comments about the public reaction to Caltrans work: "They [residents] want a visual screen. The loss of that visual screen is what people most object to." Wrong.

I object most that Caltrans did this huge landscaping project that affects millions of people in L.A. and Ventura counties without any public input. None! I object to this truly ugly project, the new sprinklers that don't work and the miles of weeds that seem to be the plant of choice.

Robert J. Berry

Adams-Normandie Assn.

Los Angeles


A million dollars per mile to tear out old growth along our freeways and replace it with "state of the art" landscapes by Caltrans? No way! Caltrans officials know nothing about landscaping with native plants. They do know how to spend a lot of our tax dollars foolishly.

During this current drought, it's important that we not waste water. Having said this, I'd like others who feel as I do to join with me in monitoring this latest Caltrans project. Obviously, it will never have to maintain what it creates.

Bob Ginn


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