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Davis' Politics: Smoke Screen for Bad Policy

June 15, 2002

Re "Governor Feeling Little Political Fallout From the Dot-Com Bust," June 10: According to your news article, few blame Gov. Gray Davis for the tech crash in Silicon Valley; after all, voters up there "appreciate his tolerant stance on issues such as abortion and gay rights."

I guess voters are not blaming Davis for the Chicago fire or the Johnstown flood, but that does not mean our governor has not failed in several other areas.

He has led our state from having an $8-billion surplus to a $23.6-billion deficit. Our governor also failed miserably in managing last year's energy crisis, which resulted in skyrocketing prices and power blackouts affecting manufacturing and production. He has also failed to keep his promise to improve California schools, which continue to remain largely substandard. Finally, he has failed to create jobs in this state, except for those added to the taxpayers' payroll during his administration.

Let's stop priming the political pump and making excuses for mediocrity.

Phil Hardy

Huntington Beach


Re "Davis Attack Ad Blames Simon for '93 S&L Failure," June 11:

If we are to follow Davis' logic from his TV ad, if Bill Simon is a bad manager because he cost taxpayers $90 million in a failed savings and loan, then the governor, based on his projected $23-billion state deficit this year, is about 250 times worse. Or is Davis hoping none of us taxpayers can do the math?

Gary R. Albin

Long Beach


Re "Simon Takes Stand Against Offshore Drilling," June 9: Is there a Republican candidate running for governor of California?

Dave Helsel


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