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Residents Happy to Have a Say in Planning

June 16, 2002

Re "A Promise to Our Children," Commentary, May 12:

Many of us are working as individuals and through coalitions to help government agencies, our representatives and our county supervisors envision what our county will look like 20 years from now

We thank Supervisor Tom Wilson for the South County Outreach and Review Effort to get information and input from all facets of community life. Hopefully, this will strengthen the Natural Communities Conservation Plan in making good decisions about land use and watersheds with the Rancho Mission Viejo Co. plan.

By 2025, Orange County is projected to have the population of two Chicagos. New thinking is definitely needed in developing the last big piece of land in south Orange County.

I want to know that there will be a special permanent preserve that will enable all of the flora and fauna in this unique land to thrive.

Barbara Rosenbaum

Coto de Caza


I'm very pleased that Supervisor Tom Wilson has taken the unusual step of creating a true public input process in planning the 23,000-acre Rancho Mission Viejo project. A project of this magnitude--with 14,000 houses and commercial development--must incorporate the input of residents. This is a large development for any community to absorb.

Nancy Donaven

Huntington Beach


Re "Future Is in Their Hands," editorial, June 9:

The Rancho Mission Viejo development of 14,000 houses on 23,000 largely untouched acres was unfortunately left out of your editorial. When added to the other developments, you get a better look at what the future of Orange County will resemble.

The county's future is in all of our hands, not merely in the hands of government planners and private developers. In the case of the Rancho Mission Viejo project, the Heart and Soul Coalition has been formed to play a role in preserving the area's history and natural treasures.

The coalition is committed to speaking out and playing an important role in preserving this special land, the very "heart and soul" of Orange County.

Nola Wood

San Juan Capistrano

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