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The Redrawn Districts of Concerned Citizens

June 16, 2002

Re "Council Districts Redrawn to Benefit Valley, Latinos," June 12: I am outraged that the City Council would vote to move my district (Venice) out of the hands of Councilwoman Ruth Galanter (whom I voted for 15 years ago) and into the hands of Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski. (Who is she?)

The councilwoman I voted for will now be representing the East Valley. This should have gone before the voters. It should not be politically decided by trying to influence the secession movement. This is a perfect example of how out of touch the City Council is with its constituents.

Mindy Taylor-Ross



Galanter seems to think she's the only person capable of representing the 6th District. She is term-limited and a lame duck. It is not unusual for reapportionment plans to gerrymander a district that will cease to exist.

This notion that Los Angeles residents have been disenfranchised is not true. Voters affected by this redistricting plan will have the opportunity to cast votes in the next election. To allege voters lack representation is just false. They just won't have Galanter as that representative.

Galanter's whining about the eventual dissolution of this council district has been ongoing for months. It's a political reality she fails to accept. It is this lack of maturity on her part that probably denied her the council presidency despite being one of the council's senior members.

Nicholas J. Antonicello

Marina del Rey


The people of Los Angeles want the districts to represent a geographic area that is related or at least is just logical. For example: How about four districts for the Valley. Use the 405 Freeway as the east/west line and Roscoe Boulevard for the north/south line. This division will represent the people no matter what their background--white, black, pink, brown, yellow, green with orange dots, etc.

Represent the people of Los Angeles, period.

Richard B. Fremed

Granada Hills

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