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Roadblocks to Terror, Roadblocks to Peace

June 17, 2002

"Palestinians in Gaza Have Roadblock Rage" (June 13) claims that "endless waits at checkpoints" have created "mass misery for Palestinians." This isn't mass misery. Mass misery is collecting children's body parts from a playground or supermarket. Mass misery is being stalked by teenage predators lusting for your nation's blood.

It's a testament to the Israeli army's enlightened outlook that, after 21 months of Palestinian atrocities against Israelis, the media have no greater Israeli atrocities against Palestinians to report than long waits at checkpoints. Few other nations would show so much self-restraint and respect for a ruthless enemy's human rights as the Israelis do.

As for the Palestinian noncombatants who are made to wait at roadblocks, the solution is in their hands. Boot Yasser Arafat. End the intifada. Make peace today.

Diane Krieger



Perhaps you can explain to me why traffic delays at a roadblock in Gaza are front-page news in The Times--while most of us spend hours in traffic on the 5 Freeway simply getting over the hill, where there is no roadblock and no Times reporters.

Arthur Yuwiler

Woodland Hills


It is ironic that Frida Ghitis would point the finger at Palestinians and say their definition of a Palestinian state includes all of Israel ("Fuzzy Geography of the Mideast," Commentary, June 13). The stated policy of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's own party is that there will never be a Palestinian state on the West Bank--which is to say, the eastern border of Israel is the Jordan River. No other nation agrees with that position.

It is time for the U.S. to take the lead in getting Israel (to which we give $3 billion a year) and the Palestinians to agree to an interim Palestinian state on the West Bank so that these two parties can negotiate as state to state, to the benefit of all concerned, including the U.S.

Jerry Bradley

Santa Barbara


Someone should tell Arafat that suicide bombing does not work. The kamikazes proved that.

A.T. Crombie

Redondo Beach

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