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Simon's Approach to Fiscal Responsibility

June 17, 2002

Thanks so much for "Records Outline Simon's Role at Collapsed S&L" (June 13), on Republican candidate for governor Bill Simon Jr.'s business experience. Up until now he hasn't exactly stated what his philosophy of government is, but this article shows a little better what it might be. According to Simon, when the government regulates greedy or incompetent companies, it is acting inappropriately. But when it bails out greedy or incompetent companies that have failed, it is fulfilling the highest and best function of a government.

In this philosophy, taxpayers should not be protected from greedy or incompetent companies but they are definitely required to bail those companies out when they fall apart. As a taxpayer rather than a business owner, I guess I see things a little differently. But at least now we know where Bill Simon stands.

David Link



After the number The Times did on Simon and his failed S&L, he hasn't much chance of becoming governor. Your article reinforced the ads that Gov. Gray Davis is running. Many people are not too happy with Davis, but what choice do they have?

I would like to offer a solution. We have just had a mayoral election here in Long Beach. There was only one candidate on the ballot, but he lost because of write-in votes. I believe that the only person who could defeat Davis is Richard Riordan. He could launch a write-in campaign that would be successful. Since Simon has no chance of winning, it would help if Simon withdrew from the race. But all should be cautioned not to hold their breath. Alas.

Aubrey Pilgrim

Long Beach

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